I got around to day 2 of the first week of C25K today. A combination of rain + busy life + INABILITY TO WALK (or sit or walk down stairs) prevented me from getting to it earlier in the week (MWF was my plan).

Holy shit am I more out of shape than I thought. Riding on a stationary bike watching stuff on hulu apparently isn’t doing much for me.

Today wasn’t easier, but I wasn’t exactly expecting miracles considering this BS:

Halfway through, the combo of cold wind + inability to breathe resulted in me feeling like someone was stabbing me in the chest. I think that was about when I started crying.

Jon’s been home this week, so I’ve eaten well.

One night he made baked chicken with sundried tomatoes and garlic + brussel sprouts that he cooked with bacon, onions and likely some other stuff.


Another night he baked fish + cooked carrots with ginger + green onions.


All of this stuff originated at Everyday Paleo.

The rest of the nights? I was too tired/grumpy/in class to take pictures or even (sometimes) eat.