I’m making progress on the 5K training. Slight progress. I’m at least thinking about it.

I figured out the Nike+ situation and used it when we took the dog for a walk Saturday morning.

We’re debating whether we should bring the dog when we (I) start the C25K thing. Part of me wants to train him, too. BUT. He likes to stop a million times (looks like 7 times on that walk, but STILL). He lags behind when he gets tired. He’s been known to plop down right in the middle of a sidewalk when he’s done.

There’s a good chance I’d wind up carrying him to prevent from having to drag him. Still thinking about it.

We calibrated it tonight. Jon drove around and and then we walked. Pretty simple.

It’s freezing outside, but the sidewalks are clear and it’s not actively snowing every other day – so I think I’m good to start. I even bought some new shoes at a running store today.

Whatever it takes to prompt motivation.

We’ve had a fun weekend. We went to a new (to us) restaurant that we’ve been wanting to try: The Blue Nile. Neither one of us had ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant before, so we opted not to split just one entree and instead had a pretty big meal.

We started with this (according to the menu): Hummus blended with Ethipian spices, spread on toasted french baguettes and topped with caramelized onions, roasted peppers, and Ayib Ethoipian herbal cheese.

I ordered Addis Chicken – Chicken breast poached with white wine garlic, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. Served with rice.

Jon ordered these things:

Doro Wat – Marinated overnight in fresh lemon juice, choice skinless chicken legs are stewed to full flavor in berbere, onions and niter kibe- herbed Ethiopian butter.
Gomen – Chopped fresh collard greens gently cooked in onions, garlic, jalapeno peppers, and spices
Metin Shiro Wat – Ground Yellow split peas slowly cooked with onions in spicy berbere sauce.

It all came with some rubbery bread, but we had no idea what to do with it.

We asked – you scoop everything with it.

(According to them, Injera – Ethiopian bread – is made with self-rising wheat flour or teff and water. No dairy products, eggs, or shortening are used.)

We also split some bread pudding + coffee (that they apparently roast on-site).

VERY, very good. I’m glad we finally got around to trying it. Will definitely go back.

We tried a new microbew place – Redwood Lodge – in Flint this weekend, too. I wanted to see what Flint looks like (since I’ve heard horror stories – which proved to be mostly accurate, unfortunately), so we spontaneously drove out there Saturday night.

The food was ok. Too dark to take pictures. We split a half roasted chicken + vegetables + mashed potatoes + I ordered macaroni and cheese (a previously forbidden food – definitely for good reason – just testing myself).

Otherwise? Pretty standard meals lately.

Lunch one day:

Tonight’s dinner:


I haven’t weighed in over a week, but my clothes are feeling ok. I DO NOT like this trusting myself ordeal, but I’m learning that I have a definite pattern: pretty indulgent weekends followed by really decent weeks.

I guess it all balances out?

We’ll see.