Well, the intuitive eating thing is going ok.

Still feeling happy about the fact that I’ve survived a move, isolation from all things normal and comfortable, a death, almost 2 semesters of grad school, a horrible winter, no trainer or CrossFit, and now a complete lack of “control” over food and have had ZERO weight gain.

I have to chant this to myself sometimes. It’s sort of unbelievable.

I’m working on accepting that my diet not being as clean as it (maybe) should be right now isn’t the end of the world. I’m getting there.

I’m slowly recognizing and fully accepting that maybe all of my restrictions – WW, calorie counting, primal, etc. – were more about emotional things than physical ones.

I’m feeling much more at peace, in general, now that I’m almost on the other side of the absolute terror that came along with throwing all rules and restrictions out the window and accepting that I’m just not going to start the diet cycle again. The lack (or lessening) of internal drama has been nice.

Still a work in progress, though.

I registered us for the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run in June.

I have never run a 5K. I’ve never completed the Couch-to-5K thing. I’ve never even run around a neighborhood block non-stop. I mostly hate running.

I need something new, though, to break me out of my rut. I got an email from my grad school saying they’d sponsor X portion of the fee, so what the hell, right? I don’t bail on things – definitely not things I’ve paid to do – so I’m committed.

My plan is to prepare and be ready to run it. I know I can walk it, if necessary – but I almost wish I hadn’t even seen that option.

I’ve hiked 11 miles non-stop. SURELY I can run a few miles.

I hope.

I bought the Nike+ thing, so at least I’ll have interesting graphs to look at as I bitch and moan about the torture.

I’ve been so busy with life + school that I had to look through pictures to determine what I’ve been doing.

I learned about Paczki Day. I’d never heard of it so I had no idea what the news people were talking about until I got to work and found boxes of them everywhere.

I ate 3 and made myself sick.

We’re remodeling some portions of our house (in TN).

We waffled back and forth about buying a new one when I return, but essentially – small house = small debt. We have priorities outside of being strapped to huge debt, so we’re sticking around for now. We like the house and the proximity to certain things and the neighborhood, etc. – the only drawback is the lack of space for Jon’s kids. ~1370 sq ft for two people and a small dog is ok. Add 3 or 4 more grown and almost-grown people at any given time and it gets a little cramped.

The flip side, though, is I feel like it’s a responsible amount of space for us. We joke about installing solar panels and a wind turbine, but I just might be crazy enough to do it.

We’ve been spending huge amounts of time planning a new kitchen. We’re also going to redo an upstairs room that is currently largely unused outside of junk storage.

I’m excited. And maybe crazy for doing this remotely – but the plan is to have it all done or just about done by the time I move back in August.

Hopefully this won’t be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We spent 4 hours in IKEA yesterday and wound up with this:


What else?

Jon has an ULCER on his EYEBALL.

Word of caution: do NOT wear contacts 24/7 for weeks and weeks, take them out and wear glasses for a day, then put new ones back in for weeks and weeks, repeat for 20 years. This will eventually cause major pain, multiple trips to an ophthalmologist (currently on appointment #3 in 2 weeks), expensive antibiotic drops, expensive steroid drops and an inability to wear contacts until the whole thing is healed. Oh … and maybe LOSS OF VISION.

The only upside is he had to cancel some stuff and stay in MI because the Dr freaked out about him leaving town. Not exactly the best reason to stick around with me, but I’ll take it.