I left MI for “spring break” (though I’ve learned many MI people appropriately call it “winter break” or “mid-winter break” because seriously … THAT’S WHAT IT IS.)


I’m at my mom’s house where it was 66 degrees at 7AM.

People like to rip on the South, but I have to say with all sincerity – I AM MOVING BACK (in 6 months!) AND NEVER LEAVING. I seriously felt physical joy this morning when I woke up and found Jon sitting on the couch with the doors open.

It’s just so easy and pleasant and I’ve determined that a tornado suddenly wiping me out is preferable to the ongoing soul sucking Midwestern winter.

I’m still waffling around with the intuitive eating situation. I am a big fan of sanity … so I’m trying to do this in a way that preserves it.

I just will NOT gain weight (other than regular/minor fluctuations, of course – talking about overall weight gain where new clothes have to be bought and all that) – it’s not an option – so I’m mostly terrified.

I’m ok, though, weight-wise. I bounce around between 178 and 179.5 just about every day.

(And am working on cutting myself some slack and recognizing that I have lost a lot of weight since I started this shebang back in 2008 and have maintained it very easily because so much just changed. I think it’s ok to recognize that I have done something right even if the whole thing has been very chaotic and experimental and wishy-washy. Maybe it worked BECAUSE I’ve been willing to try things and quit things and experiment? I don’t know.)

I feel like I gave up the ability to quickly lose weight when I canceled my WW monthly pass – but it’s ok. I’m (mostly) ok where I am (most days) and am willing to lose the rest slowly if it means no craziness and a “normal” relationship with food wherein I just EAT. To live. For simple pleasure.

Food-wise, I’m not necessarily STRUGGLING, but I’m feeling like I’m still trying to find and solidify my way. I started eating a little more dairy and have loosened my restriction on (processed) carbs (like bagels and cereal) …. and my stomach hurts almost every day.

I will learn.

We’ve had a fun weekend.

Definitely went to bed with a stomachache last night, though.

I am not a fan of fake cheese AT ALL, but I ate it. Looks incredibly gross now that I’m viewing it from a non-starving standpoint.

Blog Stuff

Much better lunch.

My dad, step-mother and grandmother brought dinner to my mom’s and we all hung out until I just about passed out at the table. It was fun. I skipped a bun in lieu of fries.

My mom has a fancy blender left over from her restaurant owning days and I was feeling all tropical with the warm weather so I requested a piña colada. Jon happily obliged, of course, and made enough for everyone.

PLUS, my mom made a cake aptly called “dump cake” (that’s maybe a southern/regional thing?).

It’s a cake mix + canned fruit + butter + walnuts. Any combo, I guess.

This one = canned cherry pie filling + dark red pitted cherries + a dark chocolate cake mix dumped (dry) on top + chunks of butter + walnuts. All layered (not mixed) – then baked.

This is what it looks like should you decide to eat it for breakfast the next morning.


I’m thinking I need to do the picture/blog thing more often for REAL because it’s looking sort of obvious why I went to bed with a stomachache.