I am freakishly loyal to certain things, so I stuck it out with my (11 year old) Verizon account despite REALLY wanting an iPhone since – uhhh – ALWAYS.

I seriously don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I should’ve jumped ship long ago.

I was hesitant and didn’t pre-order because I thought I wanted to wait until a (potential) new release/model this summer, but that didn’t last.

I love the camera, of course, since it’s a definite upgrade from the blackberry and am trying to figure out how to take decent pictures with it.

(Though feel compelled to add that I am NOT overly interested in photography, in general. I just like taking pictures and I like looking at pictures and I prefer reality/spontaneity in both. And I’m lazy.)


I downloaded the hipstamatic app and have driven Jon crazy.

I also downloaded several health/fitness apps – including a Nike Training (free) one that claims to be a full-body training app … and a Couch to 5k one that might motivate me to make it past week 3 through novelty alone. Can’t hurt to try AGAIN, I guess.

I found this one, though, through a simple scroll through the Top 25: FatBooth.

Tired of diets?! Get fat instantly with FatBooth (by the creators of AgingBooth, #1 Top Paid App in more than 25 countries).

I had a very physical reaction to this – straight to stomachache. I guess I have a mindset unlike many since this BS is a top app that people are BUYING, but seriously? Sad.

I will never understand.

I canceled WW. I am going to try to trust my brain/body for a while and see what happens.

I had a lot of back-and-forth debate going on re: whether I’m “quitting” (i.e., failing/giving up because I hate counting points) or whether I’m truly ready to try to have a normal relationship with food/eating. Verdict: I don’t know.

I think it’s the right thing to do, though. To try.

I have seriously been wallowing in misery lately with the (ridiculous) weather and school and grief and loneliness and isolation – but I’m taking steps to end that mess and have had another fabulous weekend.

Jon and I went to Frankenmuth – Michigan’s “Little Bavaria” on Friday night. It was cold, but we walked around and bought candy/chocolate and looked at shops and had fun.

We ate dinner at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant – and ended up with a ridiculous amount of food because we ordered a “family-style” meal that included 5 different types of meat.

Frankenmuth® Chicken
Smoked Pork Loin (Kasseler Rippchen)
Marinated Roast Beef (Sauerbraten)
Bratwurst (Smoked Sausage)
Schnitzel (Breaded Loin of Pork)

All Family Style Meals are served in courses and include:
Noodle Soup and Crackers
Our Breads are made on-premise! Fruit and Nut Bread (Stollen), Homemade White Bread (Backofenbrot) and Bavarian Inn Fruit Preserves
Creamy Cole Slaw
Plus Three Housemade Salads
Baked Dressing, Hot Vegetable du Jour, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Buttered Noodles
Homemade Ice Cream

I seriously felt like I was in a coma when it was over.

Yesterday (Saturday), we skipped breakfast and instead tried a new (to us) place in Ann Arbor for lunch: Prickly Pear Southwest Cafe

I had a savory lump crabcake (with green chili chutney sauce, mole sauce and cheese sauce, according to the menu).

Plus a side salad.

Jon had fajitas.

We skipped dinner, too, because we went to a Detroit Derby Girls bout/game/match/event (?) and weren’t hungry beforehand – and were reluctant to eat the food at the arena.

We always wanted to go in Knoxville but never got around to it – so we made the effort up here – and I’m so glad. It was a lot of fun.

We were starving when we got back to Ann Arbor, but NOTHING was open except a Big Boy and McD’s.

I was ok with BB because I’d never been in one before (that I can recall) and got all excited at the prospect of middle-of-the-night waffles (something I’ve never ordered at a restaurant but strangely suddenly desired). Jon – not so much ok – but we went.

Today (Sunday)? I feel like I have a hangover and am in need of green/colorful food. And there’s a Winter Weather Event happening outside right now. And I’m feeling a little bit of fear that no WW led to a weekend of overeating some things that aren’t necessarily “good” for my well-being – which will lead to weeks of the same – which will lead back to 272 pounds. And I have a paper to write. And Jon is leaving.


Edited to add today’s lunch: pork + chili verde stuff + spinach. SO GOOD.