I think some changes are coming. I’ve been thinking about food/eating/weight/etc. and I’m leaning toward going a slightly new direction.

I might not be feeling AS cynical about my ability to handle the intuitive eating situation. I might be feeling like I know what makes my body feel good and what doesn’t. I MIGHT be feeling like I want to test the water. I might also be feeling like I’m scared to relinquish all control because no control = 272 pounds.

I’m currently meshing mindsets and am (mostly) eating in a way that makes me feel good – while counting points – while thinking about things like hunger and why I suddenly HAVE TO HAVE macaroni and cheese after a stressful day when I know it makes my stomach hurt, etc.

We’ll see.

Around last Thursday, I started feeling like I might lose my mind if I spent another day trapped inside my apartment – so we decided to spend the weekend in Detroit.

We live just 30 miles away, but what the hell, right?

We had a fabulous time.

We had pizza on Friday night. (Brought some of the SMALL pizza back with us. A first.)

And stopped at a pastry shop we passed while we were wandering around.

(The boring carrot muffin in the middle was Jon’s choice.)

The Motown Winter Blast was happening, so we went to that on Saturday.

We went on a walking tour, too, which was fabulous because we were OUTSIDE! WALKING! AND THERE WAS LIGHT!

The tour guide told us about a competition (rivalry ?) between two coney island places – so we had to try one.

We chose Lafayette since everyone in the group seemed loyal to that one.

I haven’t had one in years but had recently been craving and thinking about buying hot dogs + chili to have for dinner when Jon’s out of town.

Short story – that desire is now gone. Probably for good.

Lunch that day was good. We shared everything, as usual. My favorite part? The jalapeno cheddar corn muffin.

We walked around on our own for a while.

And rode the people mover loop – just to see where it would take us.

I wanted something warm + comfortish for dinner Saturday night – Jon wanted to try a recommended pub – so we accomplished both.

We are on a quest to make it to every breakfast place in Ann Arbor, so we left Detroit very early Sunday morning and came home to try a new one.

I SO needed a fun/easy/spontaneous weekend.

Back to reality today. Unfortunately.