Snow day!

I am “non-essential” at the place I should be – and have no classes today – so I’m staying home and reading an Intuitive Eating book I bought back in November and never got around to reading.

I’m supposed to weigh at WW today, but I imagine they’re closed – so I’ll probably skip this week entirely. I’m weird about consistency and weighing on (or almost) the same day.

I imagine I’ll stay home even if they do open later today. It would take motivation of levels I don’t possess to get me to leave my warm/dry/safe apartment to go out in 6-7″ of snow just to weigh.


So my “break” over the weekend resulted in feeling AWFUL – and I didn’t even go nuts. Stomachache, lethargic, etc. My restrictive primal/paleoish diet makes me crazy most of the time, but I honestly can’t deny that I feel SO much better when adhering to it.

I need to work through the head stuff.

I’ve been having serious sugar cravings (hence the soy compromise with the dairy-free ice cream) and stumbled upon this (if you can call going straight to the chocolate section of the store “stumbled upon”):

I compared it to Reese’s PB cups and went with it out of guilt, but I am seriously starting to think that the sugar compromises I’m making aren’t worth it.

They were tiny – not that great – and expensive.

I need to kick it once and for all and maybe just have full-blown treats once a month or so (since it’s unrealistic to think I’ll give up sugar completely), but it’s HARD.

Some recent stuff:

A “break” meal this weekend = lunch at Zamaan Cafe – one of my favorites. We split the “lunch for 2” and ate every last bit.

Jon made a very quick lunch on Sunday – leftover red cabbage, leftover (bagged) coleslaw mix + deli sliced corned beef all sauteed in butter.

Not pictured from the weekend: Five Guys and nachos.

So maybe I did go a little nuts now that I think about it.