Discussion the other day (edited for clarification TWICE because can’t seem to get it together this weekend):

Blah, blah, blah … no reason X shouldn’t be able to have a relationship … it’s not like X is obese or anything like that.

Interesting implications when you consider that most of my discussions involve someone diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness of some sort.

My take-away – surprise that (for a particular professional) the social skills struggles that follow mental illness and long-term imprisonment are more favorable on the attractiveness/eligibility scale than obesity.

I lost just 0.2 when I weighed at WW a few days ago. I was surprised a loss was reflected at all since my scale at home showed (and continues to show) the exact same weight every single day.

I’m not too worked up about it. It happens.

I’ve decided to give myself a “break” for the weekend (meaning I’m eating things like bread pudding and rice and potatoes while still mostly counting points) – but I’m going to continue my experiment into February.

I originally planned to limit everything for one month, but I didn’t factor in the idea that weight loss was likely to happen simply because I stopped shoveling everything in sight into my mouth.

SO – I’m going to give this thing another month to see what happens. I’m mostly curious about why the loss stalled toward the end of the month since I didn’t change a thing and consistently counted points.

Some recent stuff:

Lunch out last weekend: brisket (with red pepper vinegar), mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, coleslaw.

(I’ve eaten mashed potatoes twice this month, I think, and have decided that I’m ok with them. I feel ok afterward, anyway. I really should buy a glucose meter.)

I’ve been on a cabbage kick lately. This is (bagged) coleslaw mix + extra cabbage that I had on hand + almonds + celery + scallions + mayo + S&P. I originally did this with olive oil, but I prefer mayo.

I had a minor breakdown one night last week and declared that I couldn’t face another BORING meal of meat and vegetables – because NO MATTER WHAT matrix or other way it can be rationalized – it’s effin’ boring after a while. This is beef that Jon doctored with chili powder and onions, etc. + homemade guacamole + fage yogurt.

This happened the same night of the breakdown:

I’m not really a fan. I ate 1/2 a cup and haven’t touched it since. If you know anything about me AT ALL, you know that I do NOT leave ice cream sitting around in my freezer.

I’ve decided that it isn’t worth it. I’d rather eat the real thing.

Jon made a crockpot stew that he found here (that looks nothing like hers – plus we added avocado on top).

I ran across this picture on my phone and remembered that we’ve had a good experience to balance the weird one at the Thai place. This place was ready with options when we declined the potato/bread options.