So here’s how lazy/potentially disturbed I am: I’ve considered not eating dinner AT ALL a few times simply because I can’t just throw some cereal in a bowl and be done with it.

I have issues.

I like things to be clean/uncontaminated. I’m not so worked up about it that I spend obsessive amounts of time sanitizing things, BUT – the thought of touching raw meat makes me feel uneasy because of the potential spread of germs.

One simple meal turns into a big dish washing procedure because I do not let ANYTHING touch. And I wash my hands about 10 times throughout.

I have no problem whatsoever if someone else cooks and I can ignore the whole thing. Unfortunately, Jon is not always here and I’m not eating cereal for dinner anymore and I want to control calories so I’m not willing to eat out every night – so I’m having to get over it.

I don’t know if I have the germ/contamination thing because I hate cooking or if I hate cooking because I have the germ/contamination thing. Either way, I am always a little bit grumpy when I have to cook.

Jon left me with this food matrix (that he found here) hoping that I might feel inspired.

It basically says to brown some meat in oil, add vegetables, and cook for 8-10 minutes.

Not as quick as cereal, but it wasn’t so bad.

I think I’m going to start preparing the meat in advance, though, to speed the whole thing up – and so I’ll have to go through the process of cutting it up just once a week vs. every day.
I bought some pre-cooked pork chops thinking I would feel better about cooking them since they’re not raw – but they are SALTY. Almost too salty to eat.

Lesson learned.


We encountered our first openly judgmental waiter last weekend.

We went to a Thai place for our weekly date and Jon asked if we could have extra vegetables (not meat) instead of the rice that was planned to accompany each (~$20) entree.

The waiter openly acted like that was the craziest thing he'd ever heard and even asked (all condescendingly) if brown rice would be ok.

He ultimately told us no, which wasn’t a big deal – we planned to just ignore the rice.

He must have communicated this with the kitchen, though, because we did, in fact, receive a plate of steamed/plain broccoli and green beans – which was perfect. He didn't say a word about it, though – just sat it down and walked away.

I am not really a fan of asking for substitutions or otherwise complicating things at restaurants because I’ve worked in them. I’d rather eat at home if I’m feeling the need to tightly control what’s in my food/how it’s prepared/etc. I’m realistic, I guess, about what I should be able to expect.

I was pretty surprised at the reaction, though, and a little disappointed since we asked for something that should have been fairly easy – and likely WAS very easy – but were made to feel ridiculous for asking.

I really want to continue eating the sort of things we enjoy eating and I’ve been hoping that we’ll be able to do that with a few minor adjustments (vs. just eating whatever and calling it a “cheat meal”).

I guess we’ll see how it goes.