I got in an elevator with someone today and was asked if I drive XYZ type of car. I was all “Uhhhhh … (mild panic) … I think so” and he was like “You do, I followed you into the parking lot yesterday morning” and I was all “Uhhhh … ok.”

Then he wanted to know the model year and I swear to god I had no idea.

I apparently have a limit re: how much information I can retain and discuss. That, or my alarm at a (semi)stranger knowing what kind of car I drive took over. OR, I’m just stressed and tired and preoccupied with being stressed and tired.

I don’t know.

I’m spending a lot of time planning a vacation for later this year. Having something to plan + look forward to is turning out to be the best way to combat my self-imposed inability to stress-eat everything in sight – but it’s not helping so much with the scattered brain.

The grocery store had whole pineapples BOGO, so we came home with 2 on Sunday. I have successfully eaten 1 and 3/4 since then (since I’m eating it with just about every meal) and firmly believe that any caveman who suddenly encountered a couple of pineapples in the middle of winter WOULD DO THE SAME THING.

I also eat an apple with lunch almost every day and a handful or so of frozen blueberries every night.

I weighed at WW today. Down 2.6 more pounds.

I’m officially unconcerned about the free fruit situation.

I had all of these plans for the week – to make dinner for myself every night and take pictures and actually TRY. I made a pot of (beanless) chili, but that’s as far as it’s gotten.

I’ve been eating the chili on top of shredded raw cabbage each night. Definitely not photogenic – and sounds strange, I know – but I like the cabbage crunch.

I added a couple of T of blue cheese to the top of my chili + cabbage last night and noticed an effect – so it looks like dairy might be out for good.

Milk, cheese and ice cream have almost always caused discomfort that I’ve been willing to live with because of my love of them, but this feeling of good health and fabulousness since I eliminated them is starting to tip the scales in the other direction.

I can’t envision a life without ice cream EVER, but I’m thinking that regular dairy consumption is probably over.