I have a pretty vivid memory of going on some sort of diet/exercise plan toward the end of high school – weighing 180 pounds. So … maybe 13 years ago?

I know I didn’t lose weight and – as I’ve documented here – I’ve bounced around from there to the 270’s ever since.

Point – I haven’t been below 180 in a really long time. Never as an adult. In fact, I think I made it to 180 just once recently (maybe a few months ago?). I’ve been fluctuating in the 182 – 186 range FOREVER.


This is a pretty big deal to me.

I swear I want to dislike WW because they promote/advertise BS and the meetings are weak and I don’t think they do a great job educating re: nutrition (for the price) – but damn.

I swear I want to dislike the primal/paleo mindset because I love sugar and love carbs and WANT TO EAT NACHOS EVERY DAY – but damn.

Something has definitely kick-started the weight loss.

I’m eating all of my daily (32) points + some of the weekly (49) points as needed. I haven’t appreciably increased (or decreased) exercise, but I’ve never (and don’t ever plan to) count/utilize activity points, anyway.

I’m eating meat, vegetables, fruit (apples, blueberries, cantaloupe and oranges), just 1/2 cup of yogurt/day (no other dairy except a little bit of cheese on an omelette last weekend), zero grains, zero processed food products (except the sliced turkey, but calling that “processed” would be a considerable stretch), olive oil or ghee (which I guess could be considered dairy – but I consume so little that I rarely consider it), walnuts and almonds every day, water and (black, of course) coffee.

Honestly, I feel fantastic.