So, I likely overstated my notion that WW has little to do with nutrition/healthy eating habits. It does – obviously – have some sound method of helping people lose weight … with nutrition/food as a large piece of the puzzle. The points are obviously calculated in some way that “works.” SOMETHING works, anyway – and it’s not just meeting attendance/support. At least for me.

When I REALLY thought about it – I started thinking maybe the nutrition piece is what they actually do well as far as points calculation goes.

But then calorie restriction would likely work regardless of the program/method, right?

I don’t know.

I just think they could do a better job promoting decent food and eating habits. The meetings miss the mark on this, for sure. I think a culture has somehow been created (at least in the 3 cities and 2 states where I’ve regularly attended meetings) where anything goes as long as it’s counted.

ANYWAY – I still don’t know how I feel about the “new” program, but I drove all the way home from work and then back out into this mess to make it to a meeting tonight to weigh-in.

I really can’t believe I did it.

I’m glad I did, though, because I learned that I’ve lost another 4.2 pounds.

So … SOMETHING is working.

Some recent meals:

(Corned beef + cabbage) (I cut the fat off because there’s just no way.)

(Chicken cacciatoreish thing – there’s a chicken breast under there.)

(Last minute lunch thrown together as I rushed out the door – turkey, almonds, apple.)