I’m allotted 32 daily WW points + 49 weekly points with the “new” program. I feel like I’m eating well … no trouble whatsoever with the daily points.

I’ve occasionally dipped into the 49 points, but my plan? They’re my buffer between the two approaches I’m using. They’re used for meals/days that are higher in fat than would easily fit into 32 points.

Some recent meals:

(Boiled shrimp, steamed kohlrabi (green stuff) and roasted kohlrabi (root, I guess?) and 1/2 a yam (white and orange cubes.)

(3 Eggs, swiss cheese, bacon, onions – went out to breakfast Saturday morning).

(Smoked turkey w/some sort of stone ground mustard sauce + broccoli – went out to dinner Saturday night.)

(My lunch – every day. Salad + 1oz salted almonds + 1T oil/vinegar + 3 or 4 oz turkey.)

(Pork + onions + peppers straight out of the crockpot – homemade guacamole on top. This is an example of a high points meal that I dipped into the weekly points to be able to eat.)

(Standard breakfast – eggs + spinach & mushrooms.)

I eat yogurt + fruit whenever I crave sugar.

So far this is going well. It’s easy since it’s mostly normal – the weighing and counting is what’s eye-opening/challenging/telling.