Well, I’ve survived just about a week of limited carbs/no grains/much less sugar/limited dairy. I thought it might be hard since it was fairly difficult the very first time around, but it hasn’t been too awful.

The main theme: I’m HUNGRY. Almost always.

I’m not really sure if it’s actual hunger, though, or a mind thing. My signals are all screwed up.

I don’t know that I feel “full” unless I’m overly stuffed (since I’m a volume eater). Additionally, I let myself slide back onto the carb wave over the past few months, so I’m much more accustomed to feeling full and then suddenly starving vs. this somewhat normal (I guess) feeling I have now.

So … I’ve been moaning and whining about being hungry, but here’s the deal: even during the whining, I’d pass up a pork chop – but would wipe out a pint of ice cream, no doubt.

I don’t think it’s true hunger.

I still question whether I can lose weight eating higher amounts of fat.

I read and fully understand that it’s fine and wonderful and healthy and I feel great and can maintain my weight and all of that, but I just have zero proof that eating this way works (for me) for substantial weight loss.

It just didn’t. I tried.

I’m trying harder, though, and am really hoping the combined approach is going to work.

WW is just not so fond of the fat.

I had a minor fit the other night when I was “hungry” and realized that I’d eaten 7 points worth of oil (i.e., NOTHING) throughout the course of the day.

I’m going to make this work somehow, though. I FEEL so much better when I eat a diet that doesn’t include cereal for dinner every night – and I really like the portion control aspect of WW (and I have proof it works for me) – just have to figure it all out.

Some recent meals:

(Halibut, steamed artichoke and roasted cauliflower.)

(Italian turkey sausage, peppers, onions, asparagus, mushrooms.)

(Fried eggs, sauteed spinach, watermelon.)


Disclaimer: I really don’t care how other people choose to eat. I am not the person who looks at grocery carts in stores and judges. I might notice that someone has a cart full of stuff that I probably wouldn’t eat – and I might feel a little judgy here and there depending on my own desire to eat whatever I see – but overall – that’s my issue and I know it.

That said, here’s my issue with WW – a company PAID by its members to promote a healthy way of life (or so I interpret its purpose): I’m not so sure they do a good job promoting that healthier way of life.

I opened the weekly thing they give out at meetings and found a coupon for frozen cheeseburgers.

THEN, I noticed the following ads as I quickly flipped through the complimentary issue of some magazine they publish (that I saw almost every member pick up as they walked out): bread, coffee cake (and other assorted WW baked goods), oil and vinegar, WW frozen french toast w/sausage and syrup, 5 hour energy, a mattress store, WW frozen pizza snacks, a financial advisor, a plastic surgeon, caramel syrup, FUZE Slenderize beverage, and VitaMuffins.

Overall, it’s disappointing.

I weighed at WW the other night and am down 0.2 from my very first weigh-in on Dec 6, which means the 7 pound fluctuation I experienced in Key West (and any weight I gained stress-eating in Memphis) is gone.

I’ve worked really hard over the past few years to change my diet and have been pretty successful at completely changing my lifestyle. My normal diet is actually pretty decent (comparatively). I can travel and stress-eat and gain weight and then VERY easily reign it all back in when life is back to normal and my normal eating resumes.

Losing weight past this point, though, seems to be almost impossible.

Exercise-wise, we’re making an effort to get outside and walk every day after dinner despite my tendency to want to hibernate (since this is what our walks look like more often than not lately):

We’re trying to find other outdoor stuff to do that doesn’t include skiing or snowboarding (since I would likely kill myself), but we’re finding that to be fairly difficult.

We’re also doing (just starting) some sort of training thing that Jon found that requires lots of squats and push-ups and other things I hate. And he’s trying to convince me to sprint (indoors on a treadmill or bike, obv).

I’m really grumpy about all of this because I had fallen out of love with that stuff since ending CrossFit back in Sept. and had been enticed by lazier/easier (for me) chronic cardio.

And because I’m HUNGRY.