I completely understand why my mom traveled here so much and then finally moved down here. I am SO dreading returning to the cold + snow.

We weighed at WW on Tuesday night. I walked in saying I hoped I hadn’t gained 10 pounds – that would be the embarrassment mark.

I gained 7 and he gained 7.8.

The weigh-in woman went into panic mode and started asking us if we’d gone to the bathroom … telling us that flying could have made us retain water … she weighed us twice … etc. I almost felt bad for her until she started in with weight loss tips and a story about how she went about losing weight on a cruise.

She has no idea that we’re crazy people who vacillate between extremes – so we just graciously accepted her advice and left.

We went to keep up the commitment so we’ll keep it up when we return home, but we’re making no effort to count anything right now. It’s sort of like how I might urge someone who is actively drinking to continue to try to go to AA in hopes that one day that person will walk in sober. We’re going through the motions for now.

OH MY GOD the food, though.

Late night nachos + drag show = one of the best nights yet.

(garlic soup – never heard of such a thing)

We sat at a table right across from Christian Slater. Seriously. I wouldn’t let Jon ask him to take a picture, though, because it seemed rude.

My mom has been very kind to play tour guide for us since we finished everything and the truck left with her stuff.

It’s been a beautiful week.

Lots of naps and good food and fun.

A little too much sun.

I would need some exposure therapy if I lived down here full time, though. Not a fan of the lizards.