The past few weeks have been a complete blur.

One day I was in Michigan with snow and an exam to take and a paper to frantically finish and bags to pack and a flight to catch at 6am.

The next day my semester was over and I found myself in Key West switching gears and changing into shorts and helping my mom prepare for packers/movers to show up.

The first few days down here were spent wrapping up her life here and organizing things and cleaning and doing some preliminary packing … and taking care of all of the other stuff that has to happen for an unplanned/last minute move halfway across the country to be able to occur.

And doing things like eating nothing but fried calamari and bread pudding for lunch sometimes.

Jon showed up last night (Saturday) … so we spent today (Sunday) doing fun stuff.





This trip was planned a long time ago as a vacation/holiday thing – we just had no idea it would turn into what it has turned into. My dad is here, too, to see my younger brother (and me) since that was part of the original plan.

So … we’re making the best of it, I guess.

Today was good.

I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, though.

I’m planning to go to a WW meeting here on Tuesday night. I don’t care what I weigh – just need to remain consistent so that I will keep on when I get home.

I was down 4.8 pounds at the meeting last week – which is consistent with my 6 pound (naked) loss at home – so I’m good.