Well, I’m home, my mom is home (temporarily), and I’m back to my normal routine.

I guess that’s a good thing.

My boss was very right (and kind) in sending me home last Monday. I feel much more present in life this week and am much more capable of doing what I need to do.

We traveled to Memphis(ish) last week and spent several days there for the “home” memorial service – and figuring out the logistics of returning my mom to a new life there.

It was nice to have everyone together in one place.

(Unfortunately – all of the pictures of my family together look like this. I have no idea. Bad lighting, I guess. Disappointing.)

We stayed with really nice friends who fed us well.

One morning we had homemade crepes, which I drenched with syrup.

One night we had spaghetti.

And cake.

One night they grilled steaks and vegetables.

And … we ate out a bunch, of course – where I chose probably the worst stuff on each menu.

Needless to say – I came home Sunday and weighed and found that I’d made it up to 187.5.

So … Jon and I joined WW Monday night as soon as I got out of work.

I made the decision sometime over the weekend when I realized that my stress levels were crazy and that I was making one bad choice after another and was feeling sick each day … and was having what the WW woman called “hedonistic eating.” I just wanted to EAT.

That’s my way. I’m not surprised.

I know how to control it, though.

It was a little weird to sit there in the meeting knowing I’ve lost (overall) 90 pounds without meetings and $$ spent and stickers and superficial support and all of that. But … life is different now.

Good news is I’m not so far from making it into the “healthy” weight range for my height (174 is the high end) – which means I might become a lifetime member fairly quickly. Which means I won’t have to pay.

It’s a completely new program, but I haven’t had time to think about it yet. The meeting was very vague, of course – the new plan is apparently based on new “research” but none was offered. Regardless, I’m focused and counting and under control. That’s all I needed.

Is this not just ridiculous?