Here’s the thing about procrastinating – SOMETHING always comes up to bite me. This time? The flu.

I’m not a wait-until-the-night-before-it’s-due procrastinator, so it’s not THAT big a deal, but I really can’t afford multiple days of misery that prevent me from being able to concentrate.

I was fine Friday morning, but started feeling uncomfortable in my Friday afternoon class – fidgety and sore and tired and grumpy and eager to do the clock watching thing. Jon picked me up when it was over and we went grocery shopping – something I had requested we do together earlier that day when I felt ok – but I couldn’t make it. My back was killing me, I was cranky as hell, and I had almost zero desire to be anywhere but home. We ended up getting what we needed for dinner that night, but that’s it.

It wasn’t until we got home that it occurred to me that I felt really sick – not just cranky. Turns out my temp was 100+ by that point.

It was 101.5 by mid-Saturday morning despite Tylenol, so we went to the clinic on campus where I was told I have the flu and given a Rx for Tamiflu.

I don’t have any respiratory issues, so I guess I’m lucky in that sense … though it’s sort of weird that I feel awful and have a fever that is seemingly med-resistant … but have nothing really wrong with me in the coughing/sneezing/hacking sense.

I’ve been feeling limboish for a while now – not quite well, but not sick, either – so I’m not overly surprised.

The pharmacist told Jon that it takes a couple of weeks for the shot to work and told him that he likely hasn’t had his long enough to ward off my germs … and the doctor said that it’s way too early in the season for anyone to know if this year’s shot will be effective, in general, anyway … so it looks like he might have gone through his misery last weekend for nothing.

I hope not.

(Edited to add: he hasn’t given me one minute of shit for my shot refusing ways OR for giving him a hard time about getting one. I guess I might totally deserve a LITTLE.)

Jon’s been cooking this weekend since I haven’t been able to leave the house.


Tonight’s dinner – chicken alfredo – was exceptionally fabulous. Jon’s done this with a pasta substitution before, I know, but I can’t remember what he used last time – maybe asparagus?

He used spaghetti squash this time. I’m always hesitant because it looks soggy and gross, but it’s always very good.

His sauce starts like this:

And ends up being a creation of half and half, parmesan cheese, garlic, basil, S&P, bacon and chicken.

I had a minor freak-out since this was way too many calories given my day(s) spent on the couch, but it was good.