Our anniversary was yesterday. We just got married – didn’t really plan much ahead of time. Jon’s mom brought the flowers I’m holding – something we hadn’t even thought about. I think we decided to do it and then got married within a few weeks.

So … we didn’t pay attention that it was Veterans Day. Even though Jon is, in fact, a veteran. Doesn’t really matter … just weird that neither of us had any recognition whatsoever. Maybe because I didn’t have facebook statuses to remind me?

(He was a nuclear reactor operator on a submarine. 8 years.)


We really aren’t anniversary celebrating type people. I’m not sure what that says about us except we generally eat where we want, when we want – and generally do the same with buying things (gifts) … so what else is there?

I’m not so fond of the legal implications, anyway, and generally think it’s ridiculous that my relationship is valid just because someone else says it is … so I’m not overly inclined to celebrate the day we legalized our relationship for health-care/tax/kid purposes … but that’s an opinionated rant for a different day/place.

Point of all of this is – more pictures. I will NEVER get over seeing oldish pictures of us. And I’ll probably keep posting them as I run across them (though I specifically looked for these because I thought I might have this reaction) – because they’re a seriously fabulous reminder of how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished and what we should work to not lose.

I forget. Sometimes I need this. (It’s a good reminder re: how ridiculous I look wearing makeup, too. Not sure WHAT I was thinking.)

It was fun. The past 4 years have been fun. We’re so different, though – and I definitely do NOT take for granted the easy ability we have to change and to adapt together.

Test shot to see if my hair looked ridiculous since I clipped it back to prevent irrationally chopping it off.

Fake smile because he hates my picture taking ways.

Marginally better one.

I’m lucky.

We just spent a ton of money on vitamins. I am seriously worried about the darkness and impending suckiness and hope upping D3 now will help with the moodiness.

I also picked up some prenatal vitamins since a doctor once mentioned to me that they would be a better option (over regular multivitamins). I compared for about .05 seconds before I ran out of patience and just bought them – so we’ll see. I had no idea they’d be effin’ horse pills that I likely won’t be able to swallow.

I also bought a probiotic and Jon picked up B12 and his usual fish oil. I’m hoping some placebo action happens AT THE VERY LEAST.

Update on the naked woman thing: 7:01am the other day we were walking on the sidewalk that leads from the apartment exercise facility to our apartment and there she was – seemingly EXERCISING naked (getting up from push-ups, maybe?) in her living room – big glass door not covered/blinds not closed, dark outside, full light inside, 2nd floor – VERY noticeable.

I am seriously confused. There is zero chance she is unaware of what she’s doing/showing. I would’ve taken a picture but I don’t want to wind up in jail/on the registry. I am just fascinated with this sort of odd behavior. I want to knock on the door and interview her, but then I’D be the weird one, huh?

I had frozen yogurt for the first time ever. Definitely prefer ice cream, but this isn’t a bad substitute, I guess. I likely shouldn’t have gone with chocolate and pumpkin. Not a great combination – tasted fake.


It’s glaringly obvious I have 5 papers to write and am doing anything possible to procrastinate, isn’t it?