I have been in a seriously bad mood lately. Not necessarily unhappy – but not happy, either. I thought about giving myself a depression screening, but decided I was too tired and unmotivated … so …

It happens.

I skipped a class last Friday – something I don’t think I’ve ever done for unexplainable/illegitimate reasons – and spent the weekend at home (in TN). I felt no guilt about the class (which is weird because I am weird and would generally feel a guilt induced stomachache over something like that), but I was in THE BEST MOOD EVER all weekend … and today … so …

I made the right decision.

We drove down Friday afternoon – right after Jon got a flu shot. He developed a fever and aches and general misery on the way down and felt pretty shitty all weekend, so that wasn’t fun. I totally warned him not to get the shot, but my somewhat paranoid stance was ignored.

I took some pictures.

Breakfast + lunch on the way down – falafel wrap, grape leaves and a small spinach pie.

Plus a milkshake somewhere along the way – had no idea Steak & Shake has a happy hour.

We ate a really late + crappy/greasy dinner when we got to TN on Friday night, so I asked for oatmeal on Saturday morning. This is totally what a hangover meal would be, if I needed such a thing.

Lunch on Saturday – homemade pimento cheese (toasted) + soup from a can.

I went out with some friends for dinner and a movie on Saturday night. SO needed.

Sunday’s breakfast was requested by one of Jon’s sons. He specifically requested “pancakes and cheesy eggs.”

And then we (Jon) drove back to MI while I read an Intuitive Eating book.

I don’t know. Seems a little strange to be reading that and the CBT book simultaneously (especially since I’m not so on board with whole Intuitive Eating thing to begin with) – but maybe not?

I’m not sure where I’m going food/health/weight loss-wise at the moment. Trying to figure it out. I’m 10 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year – and not gaining – so I’m ok – just not sure how to move forward and reach my goal with my bad mood and my insanely busy schedule and my general lack of motivation (re: this).

I feel like I’ve been saying the same thing forEVER.

I looked for the pictures taken at our wedding since our anniversary is soon and HOLY SHIT. I brought some back to MI to scan. I swear to god I’m amazed each and every time I see pictures of my former body.

They sparked some motivation and some desire to figure out how to move forward – and reiterated how far I’ve come – but damn I’m tired of food/eating/guilt being a struggle.

Jon cooked dinner tonight – roasted brussel sprouts + roasted potatoes + homemade sauce.