Jon and Henry (the dog) are here!

We went on a breakfast date yesterday morning before spontaneously deciding to spend the day exploring Detroit.

Jon had somehow heard about Detroit’s Eastern Market, so that’s where we headed (via help from the GPS) – though neither of us had any idea where we were going or what we’d find.

Totally worth it. We had a great time despite the wind/cold weather. We had just – unfortunately – had a huge breakfast, but can always eat SOMETHING.

We walked around a bunch of the shops in the area, too, but didn’t buy much since largish food purchases just aren’t conducive to our lifestyle here with the traveling and the laziness (when I’m alone).

We ended up with brussel sprouts, a $1 mum plant that was too vibrant to pass up even though I don’t have a yard or a porch, some sweet potatoes and a $1 pumpkin.

Here’s what I learned when I got home and googled it:

At the heart of Eastern Market is a six-block public market that has been feeding Detroit since 1891. Every Saturday it is transformed into a vibrant marketplace with hundreds of open-air stalls where everyone from toddlers to tycoons enjoy the strong conviviality served up along with great selections of fruits, veggies, fresh-cut flowers, homemade jams, maple syrups, locally produced specialty food products, pasture and/or grass-fed meat and even an occasional goose or rabbit.

There are days that I think I’m ready to drop out of school and go home because I can’t take one more day away from Jon. Yesterday was one of those days. It was fun – and made me realize, again, how much I miss when they’re gone. I’ve been a teary mess because god I missed both of them and never want them to leave.

I spent most of today working on school stuff, but we’ve had a nice day.

Jon made lunch – chicken sausage + roasted brussel sprouts:

And he carved the pumpkin while I worked. (I’m not surprised he made a happy one.)

He also picked up the candy.

AND he roasted the seeds.

He made our traditional Halloween night soup for dinner. I think we’ve had this the past 3 or 4 Halloween’s. It started as WW taco soup the first year we were trying that since it’s a low point meal and I anticipated needing room for chocolate. It’s evolved throughout the past couple of years. Tonight’s was fabulous – had chunks of chicken instead of beef and didn’t have a packet of seasoning (Jon seasoned) and was just much different/better since Jon made it up as he went. SO GOOD.

Fun weekend. I don’t want it to end.