I have been totally and utterly CONSUMED for the past couple of days (or really, WEEKS). I have so much to do and so many things going on that I sent the dog to Knoxville with Jon for the weekend just so I wouldn’t have to deal with taking him out a few times a day.

I very literally just spent the entire weekend working/writing/reading completely alone in my pajamas and didn’t interact with a soul. I got a lot accomplished, but damn. I’m exhausted.

I picked up some easy stuff since I knew I wouldn’t want to deal with cooking (since I never deal with cooking, obv)- and ate a variation of these three meals all weekend. Except tonight – made pancakes. Apparently stress is best managed via carbs these days.

(That brown looking stuff is apple butter. I am still trying to figure out why a small jar of “no sugar” apple butter was a couple dollars more than the LARGER jar that contained the same stuff + sugar (or HFCS). Is there a reasonable explanation for this that I’m just totally overlooking?)


No exercise whatsoever – only movement has been walking to the bathroom or kitchen, which just seems pathetic. Haven’t weighed in a few days, either. My focus has just been elsewhere lately.