I have seriously GOT to get my shit together.

I feel AWFUL. I’ve worked out a situation where I know just how much to eat to maintain and maybe lose a little – and I’m taking advantage of that. Problem is, I’m eating way too much sugar and other processed crap. WAY TOO MUCH. I feel sluggish and tired and unmotivated and grumpy and just sick.

We spent Sunday doing this:


It was nice to catch up on all of the shows we watch and to spend time free from thinking, but my body aches and my muscles are stiff from inactivity.

(I don’t know who misses Jon more when he’s gone.)


We were going to get up this morning and exercise before I had to leave for work, but we didn’t. We slept instead. 9 hours for me.

We were going to work out after I got home from work, but we didn’t. We ate out instead – and opted to just go ahead and go wild.

I feel pretty comfortable speaking for both of us and acknowledging that the stress we’ve been under lately is pretty spectacularly wearing on us. Why are we piling on MORE problems with the shitty eating/sporadic exercising? Who knows?

Something has to change. I will not allow myself to keep up this destruction of my health.