I changed my calendar yesterday – the one that hangs on my bathroom door for the daily weight recording – and noticed that I started September at 187.5 and ended the month at 183. The low for the month was 181 (lasted for a week). Not too bad.

The bad mood continued until some point when I realized I felt like assaulting slow pedestrians with my car. I decided I HAD to get an effin’ grip. And Jon came home. One of those things did the trick.

Today has been fantastic.

Jon’s mom came into town shortly after Jon returned, so we spent the day doing the apple thing with her.

It was cold and dreary most of the day, but we had a lot of fun.

I ate something other than straight sugar.

Breakfast = potato pancakes.

(A woman at the table behind us broke out her huge DSLR and started taking pictures of her food and I cringed. Still can’t do it/invite staring/call unnecessary attention to myself.)

Jon’s mom made dinner for us tonight – homemade chicken & dumplings.

Tomorrow – and next week – I might eat zero sugar. We’ll see.