I have been in the worst mood the past week. Depressed. Sad. Days of emotions being right at the surface. Just out of it.

I like Ann Arbor – and I like what I’m doing here – but it’s hard. I feel very lonely a lot of the time since I don’t know anybody. I still feel as if everything is very unfamiliar.

I underestimated how hard it would be to be separated so consistently from Jon, too. I’m used to his frequent traveling – I assumed it would be similar – but we haven’t been together for more than a few days at a time since the move. I miss him. Very much.

This is not easy, but it will be better. It’s worth it. The transition just SUCKS.

I haven’t been so good with the food. Example – I sometimes eat cereal two or more times a day.

I’m just extremely unmotivated right now re: food.

I made a decent lunch today, though, since I was feeling guilty about the recent ongoing lack of nutritious food – kale chips + homemade chicken nuggets (almond flour, red pepper flakes, pepper, salt + garlic this time):

(And then ate cereal for dinner.)

I DO still eat well when Jon’s here, so it’s not TOO bad.


I know my bad mood is temporary. Hopefully some motivation to eat more than cereal will return soon. At this point, though, I’m ok with the short-term lack of motivation because I’m not necessarily in a bad place – and I’m not gaining weight – just in a weird place trying to transition to this new and very different life.

I need to try harder, I know.