I haven’t done one single productive thing this weekend, but I am SO ok with that.

Jon got here very, very late Friday night (really Saturday morning, I guess) – so he’s here – which is good. I tried to stay up and wait on him, but fell asleep – but still slept in on Saturday morning. Well, until 7:30, anyway.

After that? Breakfast out, a little bit of shopping, a lot of movie/tv watching, and another trip out for a combined lunch/dinner date. We took the dog for a long walk at one point, but that’s it. Seriously lazy.

Today? Much of the same, except Jon cooked a meal. We ate it as a late lunch/early dinner. So, so good.

And he had a book club thing to go to – which I’m sitting at (or near, anyway, in the bookstore) as I type this.

(I don’t participate in the actual reading and discussing of the books (this month = Ulysses and I just have ZERO space in my brain to deal with that/no interest), but I tagged along this time because he reported discussion of going to a bar afterward and encouraged me to come.)

Other random stuff because I’m bored with the conversations happening around me and have nothing new to look at/watch:

I’ve been keeping up with the cheap flower buying. I like it.

We found a source for cheap spices here – a place called Jerusalem International Market. Grocery store prices are just ridiculous. Highly recommend going this route.

My hair has been driving me crazy – took too long to dry, so I generally left it mostly wet each day, but it’s COLD here most mornings – so I had it cut shorter. Paid $13 – and it took about 10 minutes. Risky situation, for sure. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.

This is a day later – after I’ve done the wash & mostly dry routine. It’s thinner, but still takes FOREVER to fully dry. I think the only solution is to chop it all off and buy a bunch of hats. I just have little patience.


Other food today:

Whole Foods apparently had a birthday.

Not pictured: the bagel I ate for breakfast.

Lots of white stuff today.

I am so scattered today.