I am loving the pedometer. I put it on when we took the dog for a walk (very early this morning) and found that we walked 2 miles.

I put it on again when we walked to the park to do our workout for the day and found that we walked (and jogged since I left it on while we did the workout) almost 4. So those 2 activities alone = just at 6 miles.

I am planning to wear the pedometer at all times for a few days to see how many miles I cover on an average day – or actually, how many steps. I found some research that proposes 10,000 steps a day = “active” and 12,500 steps = “highly active” … and found elsewhere that 10,000 steps = about 5 miles … so I’m curious now to find out what my average is – and if I can easily make it into the “active” or (preferably) “highly active” category every day.

Jon made breakfast.

I ate a small snack a little while before heading out to the park to do our workout.

The workout: warm-up = 100 jump ropes, 25 sit-ups, 10 side lunges (each leg), 20 frankensteins, 20 high knees, 20 butt kicks. metcon = 6 rounds of running 400 meters/25 burpees. (I didn’t do the burpees because I hate them and the ground was wet and I just didn’t have the motivation to do 150 godawful burpees. I was a little grumpy.)

Jon made lunch.

A turkey leg + kale chips for him:

A spicy chicken sausage + kale chips for me:

And he made dinner, too.

Lake trout, steamed green beans, and 1/2 of another roll (I love those things).


I am just about ready to start up the calorie counting drama again.