We ate at home today.

Jon made beef + broccoli for breakfast because we thawed the beef a couple of days ago, ate out instead, and needed to eat it ASAP.

(Beef + broccoli stir-fried with coconut oil, curry paste and soy sauce).

I requested tuna for lunch, but he ended up switching to sardines. I do NOT typically eat them because they look disgusting, but Jon eats them very regularly – straight from the can – for lunch. I was willing to try it as long as it did not in ANY WAY resemble the nastiness in the can – and as long as it wasn’t completely vile.

He made a sardine salad as he would tuna salad – sardines, onion, celery, boiled egg, almonds, mayo, horseradish mustard, pepper. I ate mine on a roll with provolone and spinach. Jon ate his on top of a regular salad to avoid the roll.

I liked it a lot.

I still have a few of the peaches that my mom bought from the farm stand – they’re perfectly squishy now.

We ate lunch sort of late, so neither of us felt like dealing with dinner. I ate my standard yogurt, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, but that’s it.


This morning, Jon and I went to check out the university rec center near our apartment. (Since we didn’t go in the one we found yesterday. I’d been planning to use the rec centers solely for cardio/stress relief and hadn’t really thought about getting a membership for Jon even though we did that at my last university.)

He has been planning all of our CrossFitesque workouts utilizing nothing but stuff we can do outside + the exercise facility at our apartment – BUT, he’s been struggling with the limited nature of that.

Turns out a 1 YEAR spouse membership is equivalent to less than 2 months of CrossFit membership for us.

And the one near us has everything we need … and it’s very close to us … AND there’s a group of people who meet each night and do the CF website workout should we want to join them …. so … we haven’t committed yet, but it looks like we’re going to be continuing CFesque workouts via a combo of outside parks/open spaces (while the weather is ok), the free facility at our apartment, AND the university rec centers.

We have the websites to work from (though Jon creates his own thing for us based on what we have/where we can workout each day), we have very cheap (completely free for me) access to all needed equipment … just need the motivation to do it on our own.

So far, so good.

Today, we did weighted overhead lunges, dumbbell power cleans, and (the metcon) dumbbell bench presses and lat pull-downs.

We picked up a PVC pipe at Home Depot (and cut it in half) this morning, too – that’s about the only thing NOT available at the facilities. They’re not used for a lot, but they’re helpful – and less than $2 – not a big deal.

I also picked up a cheap pedometer, just because I’m curious about how much I’ll be walking (to and from the bus, around campus, etc.), and like numbers/stats. I don’t really care – just interested.

I learned that the walk to the apartment exercise facility is just under a mile (round trip). Had no idea. So interesting!

I need some other things to think about.