I am totally exhausted – and feeling like I’m about to be pretty sore – but we have had the BEST day.

We didn’t really have a plan, but we knew we wanted to spend the morning exploring via bike – so we did. Jon woke me up before dawn so that we would be ready to go once it became light. (Sometimes – like now, typing that out – I think we’re crazy.)

We rode for a little while before stopping for breakfast at a sort of shitty diner. I still hate oatmeal, but my stomach was feeling extremely unsettled (likely from the cheese filling/crackers I consumed yesterday), so I wanted something plain/as bland as possible.

I ordered an English muffin + cream cheese, too, but ended up eating the muffin plain because the cream cheese was covered with mold. Probably best, anyway.

We rode for what seemed like AGES before stopping to walk around Nichols Arboretum (we couldn’t ride through it, but wanted to check it out).

We ended up exiting the arboretum near an area of campus that we wanted to explore, so we walked around and stopped for more coffee and found various things/places that I’ve been wanting to find (like a rec center) – before making it back to and through the arboretum to our bikes via the miracle that is a GPS-equipped phone. And Jon’s ability to read a map – a skill I’m lacking.

We stopped for lunch on the way home at No Thai. Drunken fried rice for me, something else for Jon – but we shared, as usual.

We arrived home about 5.5 hours after we started. It was VERY windy, and cold – low-mid 60’s, I think – so my face is windburned and my lips are chapped, but we had a lot of fun. I was fairly nervous since I’m still not very confident on my bike around traffic and people, but it went really well.

Jon estimates we rode about 13 miles and walked about 4 miles.

We had some shopping to do later in the afternoon – and I had a strange craving for a smoothie – so we stopped and got some.

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, apple juice and raspberry sherbert:

I think this is potentially the first I’ve had since the ODing that occurred from making/eating smoothies every.single.day at my mom’s deli/smoothie place (7 years ago?).

We were still out at dinnertime, so we went to Sabor Latino. Jon had pork, I had a small/cheap taco salad. I was almost too tired to eat.

Tomorrow’s goal? EAT AT HOME. Also? Sit on the couch.