So … yesterday I was crying on the phone to Jon telling him that I’m going “home” – whatever that is. Today? I’m feeling better.

I spent the day at another school thing where I met a bunch of people, so that helped – a LOT. I was talked out by the end of it and really wanted to sit on the dang bus home in peace and not talk or otherwise have to be engaged – but I love people. I need to be out having people talk to/at me – until I’m ready to be done, of course.

A person in my (relatively small) group today happened to be extremely overweight. I’m guessing 450+.

We were sitting on flimsy, no-arm, rolling, trendy chairs – and this person’s chair just suddenly snapped off and broke and the person hit the ground and fell back into the wall, pulling the table with them.

The whole room gasped and turned, of course, and several people jumped up to help while others adamantly asked what happened. I just sat there horrified for that person – and wishing everyone would SHUT THE HELL UP and not force the person to say OUT LOUD – as they’re STRUGGLING TO GET UP and obviously almost physically CAN’T – that the chair broke.

It was bad.

PSA: Do not force a person – especially an extremely obese person who was sitting perfectly still on a small/cheap piece of shit chair and then suddenly hit the ground – to explain WHAT HAPPENED. Damn. Have some sense and try not to add to the humiliation, ok?

Or maybe I’m projecting? All I know is it left me tearful and sad and feeling like I wanted to hug the person because their body language read utter humiliation like I’ve never seen.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and came home with these:

I noticed that I spontaneously smiled when I walked into the grocery store and saw all of the flowers on display. Half the price of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (seriously) – and they produced the same result, if not better – no guilt that I inappropriately used food to cheer myself up.

(I didn’t realize until I got home that I don’t have a vase here.)

I actually prepared a meal for myself tonight that involved knives and bowls and did NOT involve the microwave.

I read about primal chicken nuggets somewhere, but the recipe had a bunch of crap that I didn’t want to deal with – so I didn’t even bother to bookmark it. I decided (on a whim, in the grocery store) to create my own tonight, though, so I bought 2 chicken breasts and came home and did it.

I cut up one of the breasts (and learned I was too lazy to deal with the second, so I froze it) and dipped them in milk + egg (because I think that’s how my grandmother does fried chicken? I have no idea where I got that). Then I rolled them around in an (unmeasured) almond flour + parmesan cheese + pepper + garlic + salt combo. Baked.

It was surprisingly easy. I might do it again.