For a long time, the top search here was “philly cheesesteak” which – while odd – is understandable since I’m sure I’ve eaten one (or many) of them. Today, though, it looks like someone arrived via a search for “unbuttoned pants don’t fit -pregnant, -maternity, -bella.”

That prompted me to google to find out the importance of “bella” as it relates to pregnancy and I learned – after wading through a bunch of Twilight stuff – that this BellaBand situation is some sort of genius idea that should TOTALLY be marketed to people gaining/losing weight and going up/down in sizes. Or maybe just to people like me whose weight goes straight to the stomach? I swear I’m considering buying one just so I can unbutton my pants after big meals.

I skipped breakfast this morning because we had no eggs and I didn’t feel like eating anything else. Apparently I’m stuck in some sort of egg phase – nothing else seems appealing.

Unfortunately, though, running an errand and then taking my mom to the airport put me at noon arriving at the fitness center to work out – on a completely empty (well, full of coffee) + growling stomach. Eating lunch prior to going would’ve required a several hour wait – and I knew I’d lose motivation as the day progressed – so I just went while hungry. It wasn’t so bad, but the walk home afterward was a little shaky. I should have planned better.

I ate lunch as soon as I got home – a salad + a spinach/garlic chicken sausage.

My mom bought a bag of peaches the other day from a farm stand we passed on the side of some highway in the middle of nowhere (near Kalamazoo, MI) – so I had one of those, too.

Dinner was quick and simple (and a little weird, I know) – Amy’s beans and rice burrito + tuna (mixed with a little mayo) with melted provolone on top.

After dinner – a few ginger cookies with PB on top.


I miss my mom. And my husband. And I’m homesick for a home I was eager to leave not too long ago.