Jon made breakfast this morning. 2 fried eggs, a couple of pieces of pancetta, and (I had) very lightly toasted rye w/butter.

Lunch was leftovers again. A salad + the tapenade + leftover chicken from last night + the last of the red sauce/stew stuff.

And some cheese.

I ate a snack between lunch and dinner – probably 1/4c yogurt, walnuts, blueberries, 1/2 a banana.

I opened up another snack between grocery stores – very close to our general dinner time – so that I would remain sane in the last one and not want to buy every sugary item in sight.


Dinner happened late because of the aforementioned grocery shopping. Chips + ground turkey + pepperjack cheese + olives + Fage + homemade guacamole.


We decided to do our workout during Jon’s lunch this afternoon, so he figured out what we’d do (Mark Sisson’s first Workout of the Week) – and we did it. We briskly walked about a mile to a nearby park, Jon marked 50m, and I went first: 12 minutes of cycles of 50m sprints, 10 squat jumps, 10 pushups.

Then we walked the mile back home.

I would so totally suck at being a trainer. I am much more inclined to want people (especially Jon) to STOP doing things that look painful/hard. I’m all “take a break! are you ok? just do them on your knees! just stop!” and he’s just … not that. Which is very good. But I have no filter with him as I’ve had with trainers, so I guess it’s good he doesn’t get offended easily at things like me yelling at him that I KNOW he is LYING that I have MORE time left for F’s SAKE.