Like I said earlier, I skipped breakfast today. Just didn’t feel like eating. 3 cups of coffee, though, had me shaking and jittery. I’ll likely never learn.

Lunch was a basic salad with kalamata olive tapenade mixed in (vs. oil/vinegar or a dressing of some sort, not in addition to). I really liked this – and learned that a little goes a long way – so I think I’ll do it again.


I also had some of the leftover stuff Jon made last night.

And an orange.

Jon roasted a whole chicken for dinner.

He coated it with a seasoning he frequently uses – LOVE it.

I steamed some asparagus to go with it.

Very simple dinner.

I am craving sugar like CRAZY since I’m coming off of my cupcake/pie high, but I’m resisting buying ice cream. Barely. Mostly because I’m too lazy to drive to the store.

We’re on our way out to take a walk before it gets dark. It’s just 73 degrees out there right now (vs. almost 90 at home). I might need a coat.