I weighed today. 186.5 – exactly what it was the last time I weighed (a little over a week ago, I think). I’m ok with that since I expected a slight gain after a week of sloth in TN. I feel very shitty, though. Bloated. Probably because of the 1/2 dozen cupcakes we just finished off last night.

Jon’s mom flew up to MI and met us as we arrived back – so we spent today walking around and looking at stuff (when it wasn’t raining).

We ate breakfast out. I had breakfast stew (just about every “breakfast” item tossed together) + an English muffin.

We didn’t eat again until late afternoon – 3:30p – since breakfast was sort of large, so we ended up spontaneously choosing a nearby seafood place after finding our place of choice wasn’t yet open for dinner.

Jon’s mom took pictures. I’m the one who chose the junk (crab cake sandwich + fries). Jon had paella. She had some sort of fish + cherries + vegetables.

(Isn’t he the cutest effin’ thing EVER?)

We went to a grocery store (where I found both of our yogurts, so crisis over – for now) and ended up leaving with a cherry pie.

So that was dinner.

I totally deserve diabetes.

I’m happy to be back and ready to get on with life here.