Today has been a fabulous day. I feel very loved.

And not just because Jon came home with this:

I spent the day cleaning/vacuuming out the car, thrift store shopping, pulling weeds, talking on the phone, and reading. Not exactly how I spent my 20th, but not bad at all. Perfect, really.

I chose an Italian place that I really love for dinner.

It’s always dimly lit – and tonight was no exception – so no picture. Too bad, because it was FABULOUS. I had a crab stuffed portabella mushroom on top of risotto + cream sauce + spinach.

I ate just one other meal today – breakfast. I skipped lunch because nothing we have on hand appealed to me, which likely meant I just wasn’t hungry. I think some of my hunger signals are still (maybe permanently?) screwed up.

I added some melted dark chocolate to my yogurt + strawberries + walnuts today just because I could.


I have no idea how many calories I’m eating each day since I’m still functioning under my self-imposed ban on dwelling. I also have no idea what my weight is doing since the scale is in MI. I’m ok with both.

What I’m NOT ok with is the fact that I haven’t exercised since last week. I have not been active at ALL while I’ve been at home in TN. I’ve mostly been sitting around reading, which – while fun – should be balanced with some activity. But … it’s just hasn’t been so far. I’m going to have to do SOMETHING tomorrow – even if I just walk quickly/jog around the neighborhood.

I have no excuse. I’m sure I will DIE come Monday morning when I’m back at CrossFit.

Unless the sugar does me in first.

Edited to add: Jon will probably be embarrassed by this, but he has ONE PACK ABS now. Almost 2! He consistently weighs more than me these days (a previous source of competition between us), but it’s because he’s becoming hard as a rock. I’m jealous.