Today is the last day of my 20’s.

I feel like I’m supposed to feel as if some profound shift is happening as I leave these years behind, but … I feel nothing. Maybe a little bit of very strange sadness that this decade is over. Ok, maybe a lot of weepy sadness today – but hell if I know where it’s suddenly coming from because I’m not usually sentimental about stuff like this. I think I’m totally cracking up from all this alone at home with nothing to do time.

My 20’s were fabulous. I learned so much and grew so much and changed so much. So many good things happened.

I moved from Memphis(ish) to Chattanooga to Knoxville and then finally to Ann Arbor – and lived in approximately 7 different apartments/condos/houses along the way, always living alone until Jon. (Which is when I discovered that living with someone is MUCH more fun than living alone.)

I went back to school so that I could advance in/pursue something I really love vs. just working to live (as I had been doing). I always knew I would do this, I just didn’t know when/how.

After much serious debate that resembled conversations one would have when considering parenthood, we got a dog. Turns out this was one of the best ideas of the decade.

I got married. The best idea. Absolutely no doubt – despite my ambivalence about the necessity of the legal contract, in general.

I bought a house. With someone.

I sold the car I’d been driving for almost 10 years and bought a new one. This was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be because that car was the first thing that was fully paid for by me/all mine.

I lost 80+ pounds.

I traveled a ton.

Today really feels like the monumental day to celebrate – the last one of a decade of really great things.

My 30’s? Wide open. I mostly know what the next year will look like, but after that? No idea. I’m totally ok with that now.

I feel as if I’m very, very lucky to be where I am as I enter this new decade. My life is such a fun adventure.

I guess I’ll suck it up and get rid of the bread now that I’ve eaten the last tomato.


And now that I’ve had a PB&J, a forsaken love.



It likely would’ve been a very bad idea for me to not leave the house at all today – so we went out to dinner.

The theme? Hot & spicy.