I have not been handling this free week in TN very well – and it’s just Monday, I know.

I don’t do well with aimless time. There’s a reason I worked right up to just about the day we moved.

The recent free time in MI was ok because I was very busy with unpacking and shopping and doing fun stuff here and there. Here? I have nothing to do. The house is half empty. I don’t even have a regular tv. Or cable/satellite. It’s practically archaic.

Sitting around with nothing to do? Misery.

I – at least – have Jon’s kindle to keep me occupied. And the Internet. So … I guess it’s not TOO archaic. STILL.

I just function better under pressure. In school. With a job. With direction/structure. With a reason to think.

My breakfast this morning = leftover (from Jon’s dinner last night) pork + green beans dumped from a can and microwaved for a few seconds.

My lunch = a turkey + cheddar + tomato + mayo + sourdough sandwich.

It was prompted by this very pretty tomato – ate the whole thing.

I’ve been on a bread buying/sandwich eating kick lately for some reason. I swear it’s like crack. The sourdough loaf was purchased on Saturday because my stomach was hurting and I wanted plain toast, but I’m going to have to suck it up and break the habit. For real.

I ate some ginger snaps sometime mid-afternoon, but I think my ginger snap phase is over. They just weren’t overly appealing this time around.


Jon threw together a quick stir-fryish dinner.

Not pictured: mushrooms.

The final version:


Very, VERY good.