I’ve had a photo collage frame hanging on a wall with the fake family pictures in it since it was given to me for Christmas. I knew where I wanted to hang it, I just haven’t had the subsequent motivation to find pictures to put in it.

A quick picture finding trip through flickr this morning brought me to this:

Sarah - Times Square - NYC

I swear I am shocked each and every time I look at pre-2008 pictures.

We have physically changed so much.

Jon - NYC

I’m tempted to fill the frame with these pictures because DAMN do they prompt motivation and a resurgence of I Can Do It.

(And a little bit of guilt since I sat around in my pajamas looking at pictures while Jon went to workout.)

Looking through all of my sets of pictures helped solidify the realization that I have done a ton of stuff throughout the whole weight loss process. I’ve been on multiple vacations and trips and I’ve enjoyed many holidays and celebrations and periods of stress – in other words, LOTS of blips – and I’ve been successful.

I really and very truly believe that incorporating weight loss into my life vs. making it my entire life has been what’s led to my success.

I’m going on 3 years and I’m still not done, but I think the lesson I’ve taught myself – that I CAN lose weight and maintain a healthy weight while enjoying life the way I want to enjoy it – has been invaluable.

I honestly believe that all past weight loss failure has been a result of trying to make myself something/somebody I’m just not.

I love food – and I’m going to eat junk here and there – and I’m going to happily embrace birthday cake and brownies and nachos and dinners out that are a result of stress/exhaustion.

I’m slowly learning – over and over and over – that it’s all about balance.

I still don’t know what I’m doing or what’s best or how I’m going to lose the last 30 pounds, but I’m feeling like I need to work harder on embracing the mindset I adopted at this beginning of the whole thing – one day at a time, no plans, no goals, just see what happens. Obviously it worked.