Today’s been rushed and sort of crazy – but good.

We had several things we needed to accomplish before leaving for TN – one of which was to eat a couple of chicken breasts that had been sitting in the refrigerator all week waiting to be eaten. I was alone most of the week and never felt like cooking them, so Jon got around to it at 6:30 this morning.

I wasn’t really excited about eating chicken that early in the morning (AT ALL), so I waited a few hours.

I ate just half of the chicken – at most – so I grabbed some yogurt + cheese to take with me while we ran some errands.

NOT a fan of the yogurt. I am pretty loyal to one brand/type – Brown Cow Cream Top Vanilla – and I have a really hard time finding it. I bought this little new brand to try it out since it’s pretty prevalent and easier to buy. Not going to work out, though. I ate maybe 1/3 of it and remembered why I don’t buy low-fat stuff/this brand.

Jon picked up lunch as I packed. This is the “lunch for 2” from a place near our apartment:

We ended up eating some for lunch and then eating it again for dinner as we drove. It was sort of messy to deal with in the car – but it was very good – no way was I going to waste it.

We’re definitely going to have to work toward finding our food in MI. The yogurt issue, meat, etc … we need to find sources for all of it. We had worked out a perfect – and very simple – method for obtaining everything. Now? No idea.

Whole Foods will cut it for some things, but not all. And Trader Joe’s? I read about it constantly, but I don’t get the love. Most everything is as highly processed as anything found anywhere else – and we couldn’t determine a source for the meat. Maybe we’re missing something?

We’re going to have to find a farm for our meat + eggs … and a grocery store that carries my yogurt … and a grocery store that carries Jon’s yogurt (he asked a Kroger employee if they ever carry Fage Total and she seriously told him that it will kill him – that he might as well eat a candy bar. So, no.) … and a grocery store that carries our red sauce (meaning no sugar) … and GD do we sound crazy.

I guess I hadn’t realized just how atypical our buying habits had become.