(I thought I published this last night, but apparently I didn’t. So this is a day old.)

Down to 186.5 today (Wednesday). I’m down 4 pounds since I ended the restaurants on Sunday. Crazy.

I almost wish I’d had to work a little harder because it will be very easy for my mind to creep toward thinking future (substantial/more than one day) blips are ok since they’re so easy to overcome – which means there’s potential for them to become more frequent – which means they might move from blips to total lack of control. Or maybe none of that will happen since I’m aware of it. Or maybe I’m a crazy over-thinker.

Breakfast happened very early this morning. I added some cereal (oatmeal squares) to my eggs because I was craving sugar/carbs in a serious way and had this on hand.

Lunch was a sandwich made from everything I had in the refrigerator – turkey, cheddar cheese, hummus, lettuce and an avocado – on rye. Too many strong flavors or something (which is usually not a problem). I had to take the avocado off and didn’t eat the bread that had the hummus on it, either.

Plus some nuts.

Jon brought home a take-out feast since he’s been traveling and since I was feeling too lazy to cook anything. It was good – and we have enough left for a couple more meals.

They gave us some sort of (warm and doughy) bread. I ate one of them, of course.


The dining room area of the apartment has a wall of mirrors. Seems weird to me.

It has the potential to drive me crazy since I have what some might believe to be a slightly exaggerated startle response to some things. I don’t like random people (OR reflections) popping up out of nowhere (OR my dining room when I’ve forgotten the potential is there), so a wall of mirrors isn’t something I’d fund on my own should I need to decorate a place.

Upside? I can stare at myself all day. And attempt to perfect the art of shitty self-portraits every time I take pictures of food.