Sunday – 190.5.
Yesterday – 189.0.
Today – 187.5.

So I guess I’m losing it almost as quickly as I gained it. I think I sometimes forget that I need to keep the big picture in mind. A few blips here and there aren’t going to cause lasting damage unless they become consistent.

I spent the day at school yesterday (participating in a pre-orientationish thing – they’re orienting the hell out of me/making sure I meet people, no doubt – and I’m very grateful) before going to CrossFit. Lesson reinforced – I do NOT like exercising in the late afternoon (or anytime at night for that matter). I was tired and I was hungry and my stomach started hurting almost immediately and the place was packed (which was overwhelming) and I just don’t do well with those circumstances. I am on track for 5:30 and 6 AM for the rest of the week thank GOD.

This whole CrossFit thing is WAY out of my comfort zone. I’m scared every time I go. I don’t know what I’m doing. I suck at it. I’m weak. It’s intimidating. It’s effin’ HARD. The one up here is much larger than what I was becoming accustomed to, so that’s different – makes the competitive nature MUCH MORE intimidating. Like, a LOT more. And I’m not even participating in the regular classes yet.

I’ll get over it all, but I will admit that I dread going each and every time. I like it – and I feel as if it’s good for me and will be good for me long-term – but there’s a lot of fear going on.

Sticking with what I know and what I’m comfortable with got me to 272 pounds, though, right?

Eggs and (some of this) cantaloupe for breakfast.

I skipped lunch because I was busy and wasn’t feeling too hungry.

I was on my own for dinner, so I ate leftover (from a couple of nights ago) sauce (plain) + a small salad with some hummus on top. I ate the same thing last night.



Things I’ve learned lately:

Some people will stare and not respond upon hearing “y’all” … and it will seem as if they don’t know what the hell is being said.

I could – theoretically – legally purchase marijuana here should I develop extreme nausea or fatigue or random pain, according to the signs I’ve seen. Had no idea.

There are toilets that I’m supposed to flush one direction for “liquid waste” and another for “solid waste” … complete with diagrams and lengthy instructions.