I think we’re FINALLY getting close to being back in the swing of normal life. We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks and have been to Knoxville and back in the past few days (since I last posted) – and will be going back again soon – but after THAT, I am here for good and will hopefully be settled.

We just did the large grocery shopping for the first time today. So, yeah – LOTS of crap eating. We’ve had pizza delivered multiple times and have been living on take-out stuff and other things that I normally would never touch – and some things I likely shouldn’t have ever introduced to myself. Reese’s cereal (purchased on kid request)? BAD IDEA. I ended up throwing away almost an entire box just to get it out of here.

We went out to breakfast this morning, but I was determined to end the restaurant eating after that – and we did.

My breakfast = an open sandwich that included fried eggs, tomato, spinach, salsa, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

Lunch = a (sort of small) sandwich that was turkey, hummus and lettuce on a pumpernickel roll + an orange.


Dinner = asparagus + sauce (doctored with chicken sausage + onion + peppers) + a small salad + half a challah roll (I’m going to have to stay out of the bakery area of the stores, obv) .


My sweet husband has been very kindly assembling a bunch of furniture since we got back yesterday.

I seriously had NO IDEA this stuff would come with so many pieces and parts. He has the patience of some kind of saint.

We’ve decided to call this one “quirky” vs. “assembled improperly” for now.

The dog has been taking it in stride. He has windows, so he’s happy.

We apparently live next door to a baby, though – something he’s never heard. AND we live near some people who cook some seriously good smelling stuff seemingly all day, every day. He’s been spending time running around sniffing the air, but he’s been ok about stopping the baby barking.

We had a minor catastrophe on the way back to MI yesterday, but otherwise – he’s been great about all of the time spent in the car, too.


I weighed this morning: 190.5. I went back and looked and found that July 27 was the last day I ate what I consider to be “normally.” I weighed 185.5 that day.

Given the crap/larger volume I’ve been eating … and given that I was complaining about having gained six pounds almost immediately into this … and given that I’ve exercised just twice … and given the general stress of moving and going back and forth and buying furniture and all that? I’ll take just 5 pound gain. That’s nothing in my world.

Back to CrossFit tomorrow.