I totally lied when I said I was going to make a stronger effort to take pictures and think about what I’m eating. I could say that I’ve tried – but I really haven’t tried that hard. It doesn’t take too much effort to just DO IT – and I obviously haven’t … so …

I think we’ve eaten just two meals at home so far this week, but I made it to the CrossFit appointment on Tuesday and went again this morning – so I’m doing SOMETHING to prevent the downward slide. (I am a total effin’ genius for scheduling that in advance, btw. There’s no way in hell we would’ve made the time had I not done that. Best idea EVER.)

The move went smoothly on Monday. We’re still living in chaos – which is not AT ALL good for my sanity and 100% unlike me – but I’m rolling with it without too much angst (until next week) since we have Jon’s daughter + her friend here and are trying to balance the move + fun. I feel like I haven’t had time to breathe.

The scale is still in a box so I have no idea what’s going on there. My pants still zip – so I’m good. For now.

Random pictures:

My sweet boy next to me in the passenger seat on the long drive to MI.


First breakfast at home (this morning).

We went to Grand Haven, MI today.

We were kinda bored. Well – I was kinda bored. I’m not really a beach person. I just took pics and inundated people with texts until it was time to go.

And ate ice cream.

Hopefully I will have some normalcy very soon. I am VERY happy to be here and very excited and all that, but I am well beyond ready to have my life back in order.

And a bed. I would like to have a bed soon.