So I can’t lose a pound to save my effin’ life, but just a few days of eating MARGINALLY outside of the norm and I’m up SIX pounds. Seriously. Since Tuesday. Almost a pound a day. How the hell does that even happen? I know – without a doubt – FOR SURE – that my caloric intake is nowhere near high enough to support that.

I didn’t even have to weigh myself to know – and didn’t until today – I can just feel it.

I’m not too worked up about it – and I know it’s not lasting – but it’s somewhat frustrating to feel so bloated and crappy when I’ve gone just two days with no exercise and maybe 4 or 5 with an increase in what I would consider “junkier” food (meaning we have no groceries so we’re eating almost every meal out somewhere).

In my pissier moments, it feels very unfair that I have to work so fucking hard to not gain substantial amounts of weight – but yet haven’t seen anything else positive from that hard work in MONTHS. In my more rational moments, I just … still feel pretty pissed, I guess.

My body seems to very quickly revolt if I eat anything outside of the norm.

I think I’m going to make more of an effort to photograph/blog my food from now on (meaning starting tomorrow) despite being pretty busy – no goals or plans or experiments, though, as I said – I just think it would be good to think about it a little more. I know there’s a good chance I’m eating more than I’m aware of since I’m mindlessly eating whatever we decide to pick up – so I want to be more mindful.

I made an appointment with a CrossFit gym in MI for Tuesday, so there should be very little lapse there. Also? The apartment has a brand new fitness center + my job (that starts in a few weeks) has a weight room that I am free to use during certain times of the day. No excuses as far as exercise goes.

I will be SO glad to get back to my normal routine.


We’re ready to go! The truck is loaded, my car is loaded, the house is spotless and our last minute stuff is sitting by the door. We had some drama yesterday when we learned that uhaul didn’t have a truck for us (for today) despite our reservation, but that was resolved last night when they called to let us know that they’d found one. There was slightly MORE drama when we arrived at uhaul this morning and learned that the employee with the key didn’t show up – and learned that there were a ton of people (with reservations) without trucks yesterday. We waited about an hour and twenty minutes for the employee to show up so we’d be first in line – and he did – and it all worked out. Good thing, too, because I seriously would’ve lost my mind had a truck not been available and this move been postponed.

I am SO READY to get on with it. I’m serious when I say I really like my routine.

I’m just really excited, in general, too. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m doing this – others I am just so excited I can’t stand it.