I’m turning into the whiniest baby. I’m stressed, I’m sick, I’m fainting, now my back is hurting. It’s ridiculous. So negative lately. I’m working on it.

The whole fainting thing has me a little freaked me out. It scares me to think that my BP can and will just spontaneously drop without me being aware and capable of preventing it. I don’t like feeling as if I can’t control my actions – I don’t drink (just about at all) or otherwise consume things that would alter my ability to think/act in any way because of this – so the situation is a little IRRITATING, if anything.

I was a little scared to go to CrossFit this morning – which was completely irrational since all fainting has happened as a result of being ASLEEP and not from any sort of physical exertion, but the fear was there nonetheless. I KNOW my heart is healthy and that the fainting is unrelated, but I felt nervous about pushing it.

I tested my BP around lunchtime and found it be 116/75, HR was 62 – so I’m ok.

Eggs and yogurt + fruit for breakfast.

We have just about NOTHING left in our refrigerator/freezer, so I picked some lunch up while I was out.

I signed up for Panera’s tracking card thing a couple of weeks ago and was “rewarded” with a free pastry – so – what the hell?

I heated it up this afternoon and YUM. Love cinnamon rolls.

Jon and I chose to go out vs. picking up some groceries and cooking. We ordered a huge potato and a basil parmesan chicken salad and split them.


I didn’t do a damn thing all day (after CrossFit) other than pick up a few things for the move from Target. I mostly hung out on the couch or on the floor with ice (for my back) – always with my sweet boy.

Have I ever mentioned that he follows me EVERYWHERE? He is with us just about constantly – or at a window near us. We looked at so many apartments the weekend we were in MI – I very seriously can’t remember what the place looks like. He is going to be pretty pissed if it doesn’t have an adequate view of something.