So, I spent last night in the ER. That was tons of fun.

I went to bed at 9 (ok, more like 8:30) feeling fine. I woke up suddenly at 9:15 – for a completely unknown reason – with my heart racing and feeling disoriented, but went right back to sleep. Then, I woke up at 9:45 because the dog started barking at some kids outside on skateboards. THEN, I woke up AGAIN at 10:45 with an incredibly overwhelming feeling of nausea and thought I was going to throw up. I woke Jon up to tell him that something was wrong, but the next thing I know, I’m waking up with him over me in a panic with his phone in his hand about to call 911.

Apparently I laid back down after waking him up and then almost immediately went slack – head turned to the side, eyes open, mouth open, the whole nine yards.

I agreed to go to the ER this time but it took a little while to be able to get out of bed because I was really weak + went through the head pounding/sweating/freezing/shaking cycle. I felt pretty shitty, but the nausea was gone by the time we got to the ER – I just felt like I was in a daze + weak.

I had an EKG and a chest x-ray and all that, but I’m fine. The Dr. said it’s likely a neurally mediated syncope, which just basically means common fainting. She thinks my blood pressure/heart rate likely dropped so low that my body responded by shutting me down for a minute.

This the third time I’ve passed out (as an adult) and second time in the past year. I’ve been asleep and have woken up abruptly with intense nausea all three times. I jumped up from bed the first two times, which I thought caused the fainting (and might have). This time, though, I passed out while lying down.

I’m lucky that I stayed in bed this time – the first time it happened I hit a bathroom cabinet on the way down and busted my lip + face and looked like I’d been beaten up + had to go to the dentist because it loosened some teeth. The second time resulted in a bruised/scraped chin.

It scared the ever-loving shit out of Jon. I probably wouldn’t have gone to the ER on my own (this is the first time), but he was pretty disturbed since this happened while lying down and I had appeared to be dead.

I’m working on 3 hours of sleep today, but otherwise – feel fine.

I’ve been reading that this fainting could be an emotional response to something, so I’m doing some re-examining of how I’m responding to everything that’s going on in my life right now. I don’t FEEL stress, really – and actually just feel really happy and excited – but I have no other way to explain what happened last night, so it’s worth thinking about.

As it relates to weight loss and the stuff I talk about here – I’m giving myself a break from the food dwelling. I’m not counting calories or otherwise creating any kind of weight loss goal until the move is over and I’m settled. I’m not going to go wild, I’m just cutting myself some slack and recognizing that now is NOT the time to add (or keep) diet experiment on my list.

I started the day with a bang.

(They were very kindly brought in because today is my last day, so I opted not to refuse. DAMN have I missed these things.)