This move is just weird. We’re having to go through things as if we’re getting a divorce – determining what stuff stays here for Jon and what comes with me. I like the coffee cups with the big handles, so those go, but he likes the small bowls, so those stay. We’re splitting the furniture. Some stays, some goes.

(I’m sure we’ll be at IKEA or someplace else within days of arriving, though, because there’s no way I can survive for long on an air mattress.)

On top of that, the cost of this adventure is creeping up as we discover more and more things that need to stay. We’re having to buy duplicates of all kinds of things that we legitimately need both places – but that we aren’t going to need two of in the future … things like a wireless router + dishes + trash can + iron + shower curtains + coffee pot + bean grinder.

It’s like we’re halfway starting over up there.

I know I’ve posted some of these before, but I found the 272 one today while packing. I see that I dropped down to 255 after a couple of months, but I know – without a doubt – that it went back up. This is what I base my 100 pound weight loss goal on because it’s the highest recorded weight … so I’m glad I found it and wasn’t remembering incorrectly. I am very sure I was higher than 272 by the time I started actively losing weight this time around (beginning of 2008) – and I SO wish I had weighed myself and written it down.

I also found my first student ID. This was taken over 10 years ago and was probably the last time I’ve been close to the weight I’m at now – though almost surely higher. I’ve been thinking about bangs lately, but I don’t know now that I’ve seen this.

Also found this in an old wallet. No idea, but I must’ve been keeping track of my eating/exercise habits – or at least the start of some plan. I have been worrying about this shit for a LONG time.

I love finding all this stuff that I’ve forgotten about. Problem is, I don’t know what to do with most of it. There would be no question if I was permanently leaving – but I’m not.

BUT – what if someday next month I randomly need this hat I’ve never worn or this shawl that my mother-in-law brought back from Argentina?

It could happen.


We’ve officially placed a moratorium on grocery shopping so that we can eat everything we have on hand. I think we’ll likely have some strange meals this week.

Eggs for breakfast again. I’m sort of getting tired of eggs, but I’m not sure what I’d eat in their place.

We had some errands to run mid-morning and I felt like I needed more coffee. I changed my mind at the very last minute – as Jon was telling my order to the box – and got a mocha frapp instead of the usual black coffee. I haven’t had one in ages, but I gave in to the temptation. Was good, of course.

Lunch was a brat + sauerkraut.

I had a snack around 3:30 or so.

Dinner was ribs (coated with a dry rub Jon created – onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, S&P) + steamed squash.

I’m not really sure I understand how to count the info for the ribs.


The countdown has begun. I am outrageously excited about this move and everything that’s waiting for me in MI!