Today’s goal: > 50g carbs.

It started ok.

Breakfast = 3 (of 6) eggs (Jon) fried in butter.

My attitude might be softening somewhat toward the Urban Hen People. I’m slowly moving from there-is-no-way-in-hell to maybe-they’re-on-to-something. Half a dozen eggs per day means – obviously – we buy quite a few cartons of eggs.

I’m still not willing to have them in my OWN backyard, but I’d be ok if a neighbor decided to do it and sells the eggs. (Though I’m talking about this like it matters – when it doesn’t – not much time left!)

I decided to cut the typical yogurt + fruit mid-morning snack and went with protein powder + milk instead. I am generally opposed to all things powder because it usually takes research to understand the ingredients and because they typically taste like shit. BUT. It was worth a shot since it’s quick + easy + convenient.

1 cup of milk + ice + 1 scoop.

I was able to drink it.

Lunch was a salad with a little bit of ham and ginger dressing + a babybel.

Late afternoon, I ate 1/2 cup of walnuts.

I was up to 44g of carbs at this point, but I had a plan to eat meat + vegetables and come in right at or just barely above 50 for the day.

BUT – I made the mistake of thinking I could get the prepared meat + vegetables from Earth Fare’s bar – while starving and exhausted – without losing my mind.

The whole thing was disappointing and frustrating because if I’m going to blow a plan I at least want to blow a plan with something GOOD.

The grape leaves were good – I always like those – and happily ate them while I drove home. I didn’t eat the broccoli because it had some mayoish stuff on it that I didn’t want to eat because it was warmish and I’m a freak about food safety. The coleslaw stuff was gross. That fried looking thing? I saw chicken and quit reading. Apparently it said VEGAN chicken … or I misread or something. It was filled with rice. The other two things – the red beans and rice and the edamame – were ok.

My stomach was growling again 20 minutes after I ate that stuff.

Oh, well. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I don’t know how to count that breaded thing.


All that stress I was feeling about moving? Gone. I am SO excited. Almost all of the loose ends have been tied up – and my last day at work is just about here – so I’m READY TO GO. This is going to be such a fun experience.

The fact that I haven’t lost all control over this – food-wise – is some kind of miracle. I sort of wonder if my increased dwelling about not losing weight is the new/current coping, but I really just don’t care right now. I’m moving and I’m excited and I doing it all with a healthy attitude toward food/exercise … so I’m good.