So here’s the deal: I don’t think it’s the actual move that’s stressing me out so much. I’m a little freaked about leaving my comfortable life here, but what I’m REALLY worked up about is the cost of the whole shebang.

I am cheap. I live in a small house and drive a very affordable car and have no credit cards and just generally panic about/avoid debt.

I got the move-in information/cost sheet for my apartment this morning and just about had a heart attack. Jon’s all “live in the moment!” and I’m feeling like that’s fine – except I never want one of those “moments” to be at the gd mission because I can’t afford to live. Worst-case? Yes – but what’s new?

Jesus. I’m becoming insufferably whiny.

CrossFit is wearing me out. I like it a lot, but it’s hard. Like, HARD.

Today’s warm-up included a bunch of push presses + kettlebell swings + goblet squats w/the kettlebell + something else I can’t remember (I think). Times 2. Then we rolled around on foam rollers. The metcon (or what I did, anyway) was back squats (65 pounds x 5), 15 push-ups, power cleans (65 pounds on this, too x 5), 15 sit-ups. 5 Rounds. I’m slow – took 15 minutes for me to do all 5 rounds but I swear I thought my arms were going to stop working somewhere around 7 minutes.

Still better than running.

(I have no idea about the videos I linked – if they’re valid or correct or whatever. I just watch them so I might potentially remember what this stuff is day-to-day. This one, though. HOLY SHIT.)

Breakfast happened right before I walked out the door for work this morning.

Yogurt + blueberries happened mid-morning.

I ate my salad in my car (vs. at my desk, usually) because I’m a moron and needed to charge my phone.

I ate some cantaloupes and grapes sometime during the afternoon before leaving.

Dinner happened at a restaurant on the way to the grocery store. We split 2 + ginger pork.

My small portion of the pork:


I swear I’m ready for bed right now (at 8pm). Did I mention that it’s HARD to get up and exercise every morning before the sun comes up?

I’ll stop whining one day. Soon. Maybe. I hope.