I went to CF this morning, came home, took a shower, packed some clothes, packed some breakfast and lunch in a cute little cooler I found in our garage …

… and arrived in Ann Arbor 7 and a 1/2 hours later.

I wasn’t really hungry much today so I ended up eating the yogurt + egg for breakfast but just the turkey, cucumbers and one babybel for lunch (as I drove). Still have the fruit and green beans and one babybel in the cooler. It’s sort of odd that my appetite has rapidly decreased as my exercise intensity has increased.

One of my former professors is in town right now, so she picked me up for dinner. We split an artichoke heart + mushroom pizza at Cottage Inn. SO. GOOD. (I brought the leftovers back but have – mostly – resisted so far.) She showed me around some on campus and we talked and had a really great time as just people (vs. professor and student which was previously the deal).

I’m here for just one night – have an interview tomorrow morning before repeating the drive home.

Yes, I’m moving here very soon. This couldn’t wait. Such is life.